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Restorative Pathways is a division of The Knowledge Firm and a committed nonprofit organization that strengthens our community through empowerment by providing social justice programs, advocacy and services.

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Our office is located in Chattanooga, TN. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – we’ve got you covered virtually via Zoom.

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Batters Intervention

Domestic Violence Counseling

Anger Management


Diversion Program


Since 1983, the nurturing parent proven philosophy has been beneficial to families globally. We aim to teach positive parenting skills to families through a
trauma-informed approach, with the ultimate goals of preventing repeat issues n families social services, reducing multi-parent teenage pregnancies, lowering juvenile delinquency and alcohol abuse rates, and ending the intergenerational cycle of child abuse.

Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)

The Knowledge Firm uses The Duluth Model that creates A Process of Change for Men Who Batters. It is a 27 Week program using differentiated treatment approaches tailored to the individual and the type of violence. Research indicates that there are a few substantive differences in treating male vs female domestic offenders and our domestic violence counseling is appropriate for both.

We provide comprehensive reports including pre/post assessments to any referral sources and courts if requested. All participants get a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

Domestic Violence Counseling

Our domestic violence counseling program contains three domestic violence offender agendas:

13 Week Educational Program intended for clients with a minimal history of physical aggression within and outside the home.

26 Week Program is intended for a mixture of less assaultive and more assaultive and more assaultive individuals (especially useful communities or organizations that can only implement one program).

56 Week Program is intended for individuals with more severe histories of domestic violence and other assaultive or physically violent behaviors.

These programs have been designed primarily from a cognitive behavior therapy orientation. This model emphasizes helping our clients discover and then alter dysfunctional thought and belief patterns and support or justify acts of domestic violence. Typical topics include: “Changing How You Think”, Empathy Development, and Changing What You Do”.


Introducing our Diversion Program, carefully crafted for the reintegration of Justice-involved clients, aiming to revolutionize their approach to challenges. Our evidence-based curriculum is taught by certified instructors , including those with lived experiences. By addressing the root causes of criminal behavior we equip participants with the tools and support necessary for positive behavior, for positive life changes and extending a lifeline to side step the enduring impacts of a criminal record.

The knowledge Firm provides a diverse array of classes and skills meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each program participant.


At the Knowledge firm, we understand the delicate nature of family dynamics, and we’re here to provide a supportive solution through our Supervised Visitation service. This heartfelt service allows non-custodial parents or guardians to cherish meaningful moments with their children while under the compassionate guidance of our skilled supervisors, ensuring that every interaction is nurturing and secure, where connections can flourish, enabling children to maintain essential relationships while safeguarding their best interests at every step.

“I am a local attorney and have used Jan for criminal clients. She takes the time to truly make a positive impact and focus on solutions tailored to particular people’s needs. She is incredibly engaging, responsive, and has a heart for her work. On top of this, she is certified in several diverse areas and has the tools to help people no matter their situation. Many thanks to The Knowledge Firm and Jan!”

– Alan Blount

“Where Shift Happens”

The Knowledge Firm is committed to providing all persons regardless of their ability to pay,
to conflict resolution mediation services. 

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