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Our evidence-based breakthrough classes are culturally responsive. They are facilitated by a Rule 31 Listed Tennessee Supreme Court Mediator along with state and nationally certified Trainers and include any attendance and completion fees by the regulatory authorities.

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Families First
Co-Parenting Class

Our Tennessee court approved mandated classes are dedicated to helping families transition from conflict to collaboration where children thrive and parents grow. Family First co-parenting uses real world 21st century techniques. We are proud providers for Hamilton and Marion County, Tennessee. Class meets once for four-hours and is facilitated by a Nationally Certified Parenting Instructor.

court approved
Breakthrough Parenting Class

Breakthrough Parenting – A Revolutionary New Way to Raise Children. Most parenting programs teach you how to “deal” with your kids, whereas Breakthrough Parenting, an Evidenced based research program, teaches you instead how to “be” with your kids. Moving your family from struggle to cooperation raising happy, self-confident children. Individual and small group classes are available.

A court accepted 10, 26 and 52 week rolling class facilitated by a Nationally Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor. We are proud providers for Hamilton and Marion County, Tennessee and offer group or One on One Parent Coaching with Custom Schedule and Comprehensive Parenting Plan consultation (saves you both time and money).

Individualized Letter of Completion for Family Court, DCF or Adoption Agencies.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing all required classes and course workbook.

Restorative Justice Victim Offender Mediation

Is a peace-building conflict resolution process that deals with violations of criminal laws by addressing the underlying conflict resulting in injuries to the Victim and Offender. The process is conducted in a highly victim-sensitive manner while considering the needs of the offender. Key elements are:

  • Restorative Justice contributes to a criminal justice system that is accessible, just, compassionate, and fair while promoting the well-being of all persons.
  • Emphasizes the rights of persons to participate in attempting to achieve Justice rather than defer the matter entirely to the state criminal process.
  • Based on an understanding that crime is a violation of people and relationships.
  • Can be used with adult and youth victim offenders.
  • Based on respect, compassion, and inclusivity, encouraging meaningful engagement and encourages meaningful engagement and accountability, whereby providing an opportunity for healing, reparation, and reintegration
  • Offers opportunities for victims, offenders and communities affected by a crime to communicate directly or indirectly about the causes, circumstances, and impact of that crime
  • Processes include conferences, dialogues and circles guided by skilled facilitators and can take different forms defending on the program, school, case, participants, circumstances
  • Used by communities, police, courts, and correction departments.

Anger Management

Inappropriate displays of anger may indicate serious emotional or health issues due to trauma, grief, or addiction. We understand that anger is a natural emotion but Do Not advocate holding it in.

Our Anger Management Therapy uses evidence-based curriculum that has been shown to improve a client’s ability to manage their anger, be aware of their triggers and realize the impact of their anger on others and family.

Awareness + Action = Change!

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