Our Classes and Programs

Our culturally responsive classes and programs use evidence-based curricula to engage and inform participants. We employ interactive learning, diverse perspectives, and real-world case studies to foster a deep understanding of cultural diversity while ensuring practical, real-life skills development.


Unleash the power of transformation with The Knowledge Firm’s acclaimed Co-parenting class, designed to develop and refine their co-parenting skills, such as communication, empathy, and conflict resolution. 

Supported by robust evidence, our distinctive program not only equips you with real-life strategies but also empowers parents, providing them with the tools and confidence needed for effective co-parenting.


Discover the transformative power of The Knowledge Firm’s Breakthrough Parenting Program, seamlessly incorporating evidence-based Nurturing Parenting principles. Unlike traditional parenting courses, our program goes beyond managing behavior – it empowers you to authentically connect and thrive with your children.
Our intensive 10–15-week course is highly regarded by courts and child services agencies. Led by a Nationally Certified Parenting Facilitator and School Psychologist, it offers expert guidance. We provide comprehensive Pre-Post Assessments to track your progress, and upon successful completion, you’ll receive a prestigious Certificate of Achievement. This certificate proudly signifies your commitment to becoming an effective and confident parent.


Discover how The Knowledge Firm’s Anger Management Program can help you transform the way you handle anger. Inappropriate expressions of anger might stem from deeper emotional, or health challenges tied to experiences like trauma, grief or addiction. While we acknowledge anger as a natural emotion, we believe in channeling it effectively.

Experience a program rooted in evidence-based techniques that have proven to empower individuals to master their anger. Our curriculum equips you with the tools to not only manage your anger , but also to identify your triggers and grasp the impact your anger has on those around you, including your loved ones.

Don’t just suppress your anger- learn to control it with our Anger Management Program


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