Meet our Team

Jan Goldsmith
Co-Founder - CEO

Jan Goldsmith, the CEO of The Knowledge Firm, stands out as an exceptional individual with a profound grasp of human behavior.

She is not only a school psychologist but also a part-time psychology professor, a thought leader, a compelling storyteller, and a seasoned problem solver.

Jan’s remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences and her unwavering passion for instigating positive change set her apart in her field. At her firm, she specializes in conflict resolution services, offering innovative alternatives to traditional legal systems, which enable parties to reach mutually beneficial solutions. Jan’s expertise empowers her clients to amicably resolve disputes, nurturing healthy relationships and fostering enduring agreements.

Moreover, she consistently implements evidence-based interventions and fosters inclusive environments that underscores her mission to assist couples and families in navigating the intricacies of their relationships with compassion, competence, and empathy.

Jan possesses a unique blend of intellectual acumen, boundless empathy, and an unswerving commitment to creating a positive impact.

Her work has not only reshaped the landscape of parenting education, conflict resolution, and therapy but has also left an indelible mark on the lives of those fortunate enough to cross paths with her.

Dr. Kenneth Goldsmith
Co-Founder - President

Dr. Ken Goldsmith, an expert in Law, Academia, Civil Mediation and Business consultancy blends legal and academic prowess with exceptional mediation skills and strategic insight. His multifaceted expertise consistently yields exceptional results, establishing a formidable standard of excellence that few can rival.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Goldsmith is deeply committed to community service, having been appointed to prestigious advisory boards, including the Tennessee Board of Regents and the Law Advisory Council of Levin School of Law at the University of Florida. His leadership extends to organizations like the American Association for Paralegal and Legal Studies Education and the Midwest Institute for International and Intercultural Education. Dr. Goldsmith’s impact in legal and educational circles is underscored by gubernatorial appointments and selections by academic leaders, reflecting his influence and dedication

His journey in academia is remarkable, starting as the Associate Dean at the University of Phoenix and progressing to pivotal roles in Tennessee’s community college system. Dr. Goldsmith’s passion for teaching extends globally, with lectures in countries such as the Czech Republic, Thailand, and China. His unwavering dedication to education and his global presence position him as a formidable influencer in the evolution of knowledge dissemination. Dr. Goldsmith’s enduring legacy as an expert in constitutional law, education, and business continues to inspire and educate audiences, marking a singular achievement in his distinguished career.

Ronald Bristow
Diversion Program Manager

Ronald Bristow, affectionately known as “BJ’’ is a remarkable community activist with a strong dedication to  with justice-involved clients.

As a certified peer support specialist, BJ brings valuable experience and empathy to his work, fostering community and connectivity among those he serves.

The Knowledge Firm is proud to have BJ join our team of changemakers, and all committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of all our clients.

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