Anger Management Pre/Post
A multi-dimensional self-report measuring instrument of dysfunctional anger in adults (15 years and up). Can be used to see if program or treatment was successful. Requires 10-12 minutes or less to respond to the 27 items on both the (PRE) and (POST).

Co-Parenting Relationship Scale (CRS)
Co-Parenting Relationship Scale (CRS): A self-report questionnaire that assesses the quality of the co-parenting relationship, including communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

Co-parenting refers to how two individuals work together in their parenting roles and the support they provide for one another in raising children for whom they share responsibility.

AAPI – 2 Adult -Adolescent Parenting Inventory
AAPI – 2 Is an inventory designed to assess the parenting and child rearing attitudes of adult and adolescent parent and pre-parent population. Based on known parenting and child rearing behaviors of abusive parents, responses provide an index of risk for practicing behaviors known to be attributable to child abuse and neglect.

This assessment is a validated and reliable inventory used to assess parenting attitudes with over 30 years of experience.

Parental Alliance (PAM)
A self-Report questionnaire that assesses the strength of the parenting alliance.

Child Custody and Access Assessment (CCAA)
A comprehensive assessment conducted by a mental health professional to evaluate the best interests of the child in cases involving custody and access disputes.

Parenting Coordination
A process in which a trained professional works with separated or divorced parents to help them develop and implement a co-parenting plan, reduce conflict, and improve communication. This process typically involves ongoing assessment and monitoring of the parents’ progress.

Soft Skills Assessments
These assessments evaluate an individual’s interpersonal and communication skills, such as teamwork, conflict resolution, and customer service

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

These assessments evaluate an individual’s ability to recognize and manage their own emotions, as well as understand and empathize with others.
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