Restorative Justice Victim Offender Mediation

Is a peace-building conflict resolution process that deals with violations of criminal laws by addressing the underlying conflict resulting in injuries to the Victim and Offender. The process is conducted in a highly victim-sensitive manner while considering the needs of the offender. Key elements are:

  • Restorative Justice contributes to a criminal justice system that is accessible, just, compassionate, and fair while promoting the well-being of all persons.
  • Emphasizes the rights of persons to participate in attempting to achieve Justice rather than defer the matter entirely to the state criminal process.
  • Based on an understanding that crime is a violation of people and relationships.
  • Can be used with adult and youth victim offenders.
  • Based on respect, compassion, and inclusivity, encouraging meaningful engagement and encourages meaningful engagement and accountability, whereby providing an opportunity for healing, reparation, and reintegration
  • Offers opportunities for victims, offenders and communities affected by a crime to communicate directly or indirectly about the causes, circumstances, and impact of that crime
  • Processes include conferences, dialogues and circles guided by skilled facilitators and can take different forms defending on the program, school, case, participants, circumstances
  • Used by communities, police, courts, and correction departments.
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